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1975 020


Factory Closed

Factory Closed

Awaiting Demolition

Awaiting Demolition

Ever Higher

Even Higher

1973 007


1973 008

Back Breaking

Only one House Left

Only 1 House Left!

Wheels of Change

Wheels of Change

1975 014

Collecting Timber (Film)

Life Goes On!

Life goes On!

Bike Park and Roadside Re-Cycling

Resting Streetside

So, So Tired

So So Tired

Resting a While

Resting a while

Nice Guys

Nice Guys

Comfy Chair

Lying in the rubble.

It's Still our Home

It’s still our Home


Chai 拆

He's Chasing Me

He’s Chasing Me

Rubbish Collection Tricycle

Refuse Collection Tricycle

It's all in the detail

Its all in the detail

Washing Clothes

Washing Clothes

The Other Side to Strong Economic Growth

Outside No 30

Outside No 30

Antique Restoration

Say I Love You with Flowers

Road Kill

Green Legs in the Rubble

She’s Watching You


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